Lightning talks: Sauli Rajala, Danny Hobo, Onni Hakala

Say hello to our first set of lightning talks at WordCamp Helsinki 2017!

Sauli Rajala

Sauli Rajala was born in a small town called Peräseinäjoki. Now he lives in Jyväskylä, where he works as a front-end developer at Valu Digital. Sauli will give talk about visual regression testing. What it is and why should you use it? Sauli will demonstrate visual regression testing in action with a tool called Wraith.

Danny Hobo

Danny is a developer who has specialised himself in WordPress and e-commerce. As a backend developer he knows how to speed up your site as well as how to speed up the development process. Danny will show you how to use WP-CLI to all those tasks with just one command in the terminal.

Onni Hakala

Onni spends most of his time optimizing slow backends or building webscale solutions with WordPress. He knows how it feels to wake up in middle the night to fix broken websites. Onni will talk about automatic updates of WordPress and tell a story of how he disabled all automatic updates last year. Why he did it and the struggle he had.

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