Workshops and Contributor Day

Workshops and Contibutors Day will be on April 22nd (Saturday) at Microsoft Flux on Korkeavuorenkatu 35, Helsinki.

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On Workshops and Contributors Day we’ll be going through specific topics in small groups. Bring your laptop with you because it might involve coding also.

  • Workshops are more like easy going classes in school.
  • Contributing means contributions to Core and translating Core, Themes and Plugins.
  • Beginners Desk – help setting up local development environments, and general WordPress advice.


11:00 – 13:00: Workshop round I / contributions to Core and translating / Beginners desk
13:00 – 14:00: Lunch break
14:00 – 16:00: Workshop round II / contributions to Core and translating / Beginners desk

Contributing teams all day at 11:00 – 16:00

Contributing and translating starts with a ~45 min long “how to” tutorial. If you would like to learn about both, it’s fine to eg. attend the tutorial on contributing to core and spend the rest of the day translating, or the other way around. You can also attend the afternoon workshops if you like.

Petya Raykovska will give a general introduction on how to contribute to WordPress. Daniel Koskinen is hosting the Polyglots team, which will focus on translating WordPress Core, plugins and themes.

We will also have the Beginners desk during the whole day to help you setup your local environments and give general WordPress advice.


 Workshops at 11:00 – 13:00

“Test your site accessibility” – Hosted by Sami Keijonen

In this workshop we use different tools, screen readers, and keyboard to test your site accessibility.

First part of the workshop is theory and demos, and in the second part everybody can test their site in practise.

“How to build a multiregional website according to best practises” – Hosted by Thomas Hurd

Participants can learn to plan and develop a multi-regional and multilingual website, while being able to discuss the complexities and learn how to deal with edge cases when developing these sorts of sites.

13:00 – 14:00: Lunch break

Workshops at 14:00 – 16:00

Customizer workshop” – Hosted by Daniel Koskinen

Learn how to add your own controls to the Customizer, leverage the control types available in core and how to create your custom controls. Using JavaScript to update the preview, sanitizing your settings and allowing non-administrators to access parts of the Customizer.

“Automatically updating WordPress Sites using Continuous Integration & Deployments” – Hosted by Onni Hakala

In this workshop we will set up automatic testing/deployment for public WordPress repository in Github.
We will get familiar with some basic testing tools, composer package management and Travis CI for testing/deploying WordPress into Digital Ocean droplet.


  • Basic WordPress knowledge
  • Github account – can be created in the workshop
  • Travis account – can be created in the workshop
  • Access to dedicated Virtual Machine or Shared Hosting for WordPress
  • Some commandline knowledge is helpful


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