At WordCamp Helsinki 2017 there will be appealing content to designers, site owners, business owners, intermediate and advanced developers alike. Get to know with our amazing list of varied speakers before the event and give a big hand to them!

Jaakko Alajoki

I’m working as the CTO at Evermade. I lead our dev team, provide technical consultation and get my hands dirty with code every day. I’ve used a wide variety of front-end and back-end technologies throughout my career and I’ve used WordPress more or less since it was released.

Viljami Kuosmanen

A Forbes featured Hacker, Security Expert and a WordPress digitalist star celebrity (from Savo) with years of experience in the tech business as an entrepreneur, thought-leader and coder-consultant.

Daniel Koskinen

After graduating from university 10 years ago and a very brief visit to the world of academic research, Daniel started his own freelance business in 2008, building and maintaining mostly WordPress-based sites for small businesses and ad agencies. He then moved on to work at H1, where he’s been building digital stuff for clients for the past few years. Along with his colleagues, Daniel joined Zeeland Family in 2016 where he’s now in charge of supporting an ever growing number of WordPress installs. Since 2009 he has been leading the volunteer effort for maintaining the Finnish translation of WordPress and co-organized the two first WordCamps in Finland.

Joonas Jukkara

Joonas believes that the only way to be successful is to understand your customer, and the best way to understand your customer is to collect information on their actual behavior.

After a bit more than two years (and 8 WP-based website launches) of handling digital marketing operations in Shanghai-based FDI consultancy, Joonas moved back to Europe to work with SEOSEON (http://seoseon.com/) helping companies improve their visibility online.

Edmund Turbin

Edmund Turbin is Solutions Engineer at WP Engine, London. Over the past ten years he has built websites with content management systems and has held technical roles in media, publishing and ad tech in New York City. Edmund is passionate about front end coding, development workflow and scaling WordPress for enterprise. Edmund enjoys speaking about technology and is greatful for the opportunity to talk at more than ten events throughout Europe over the past two years. In his free time, Edmund enjoys electronic music production, snowboarding, cycling and discovering new places across the globe to explore with his family & kids. Follow him on Twitter @spicecadet.

Onni Hakala

Full stack developer & Lead Devops Engineer in Geniem Oy. Active open source contributor and advocate for server automation. He spends most of his time optimizing slow backends or building webscale solutions with WordPress. Onni knows how it feels to wake up in middle the night to fix broken websites. He plans to fix problems before they arise. In addition he does some freelancing and writes a technical blog in https://keksi.io.

Sauli Rajala

Sauli Rajala was born in a small town called Peräseinäjoki. Now he lives in Jyväskylä, where he works as a front-end developer at Valu Digital. Sauli is still kind of newbie in everything, but he is always looking for ways to push his skills to the next level.

Danny Hobo

Danny is a developer who has specialised himself in WordPress and e-commerce. As a backend developer he knows how to speed up your site as well as how to speed up the development process. After working in the Netherlands for a couple of years, Danny moved to Estonia and is now working for Exove (www.exove.com) in their Tallinn office.

Miikka Vento

Miikka is a partner at G-Works, a digital marketing agency. Miikka has been working with WordPress for a few years, overseeing tens of projects ranging from simple campaign sites to large-scale multisites and high levels of API integration. Miikka focuses on “getting it done” – his motto is to enable everyone else to perform to their maximum potential.

As a copywriter, concept designer and a project manager Miikka is at home working the middle ground between designers, coders and clients. He also has a magical ability to completely read emails unlike anyone else at the office. In his spare time he is an avid hockey fan, rooting for Helsinki’s IFK.

Aki Björklund

Aki Björklund has been building websites since 2000. After 10 years of developing custom CMSs with Microsoft technologies for big Finnish media companies, among other things, he had enough and switched to 100% WordPress. Aki is a founder of a WordPress agency which is now part of The Zeeland Family, a full-stack marketing agency.

Thomas Hurd

A transplant from New Zealand, via a few countries along the way, Thomas came to Helsinki for love – of design. He has translated his background in product, system and service design into developing integrated digital experiences with the team at Pixels. As a creative and CEO, Thomas works with a team that creates considered user experiences, beautiful design and powerful technical implementations.

Alexandra Draghici

Alexandra handles product development at CaptainForm, WordPress form builder launched in 2015 by 123ContactForm. Previously, she worked in project and product management at the same company and she developed a deep interest in analyzing user behavior and building solutions tailored to their needs.

She believes that each market comes with a beautiful and unique user typology, that simply needs to be understood and addressed in a specific way. And the WordPress world is the closest to her heart. In 2016, she spoke at WordCamp Bratislava, WordCamp Belfast and WordCamp Bucharest.

Alexandra is also very fond of teaching and has founded the most popular platform for learning English in her home country, Romania. She asks “why” probably 100 times a day and she likes to do any type of puzzle, ride her bike and play tennis.